Meet your Sensei.

We look for dedicated students who seek quality Japanese learning.

Proficiency is not just an object but the way of getting there.

Why is learning Japanese with Dr Margaret Sensei so effective?

1/3 - Qualified & Truly Experienced Teacher

Forget about passive trawling through language content, every tutorial with Margaret is characterised by active engagement with Japanese in its authentic context.

A good teacher does not merely pass on the knowledge, but identifies exactly the competences that a language student needs to collaborate on through dedicated practice.

2/3 - Focus to simplify and place the language in its cultural context

Your sensei spent much of her time understanding the developmental process in language acquisition. With expert knowledge of Japanese across its social and business contexts, Margaret is able to integrate a syllabus for mastering all the key language components synchronously. This is the key factor that departs from the common route of learning a single facet of Japanese like reading or speaking.

3/3 - Committed to each student's achievement

Margaret has taught students of every ability to understand that achievement in Japanese stems from interacting and adapting for the strengths of the student. It's about always being open to any follow-up questions you may have and not giving up until it clicks for you. As a teacher, she is committed to mentoring you on your journey in arriving at practical proficiency in Japanese.

Meet Dr Margaret Sensei

Konnichiwa, I thought to share some things here to help you find out why you'll thrive in mastering Japanese with me as your sensei.

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About Me

What's my journey as a teacher of Japanese language?

For the past 20+ years, I've been teaching Japanese at every student level: UK schools, UK universities, and private course tuition - both local and international.

My teaching methodologies have been tested and refined through feedback of students who cover every strata of linguistic talents, but have also been recognised in the form of the Qualified Teaching Status I received from University of Gloucestershire.

I strongly believe that learning a language like Japanese has to be made approachable and spark a fascination with this unique culture and people. Having worked in Japanese corporates and defended my PhD thesis in the field ofJapanese linguistic anthropology, I imbue a realistic and nuanced appreciation of Japanese history as well as its day-to-day customs.

I'm really keen on taking what's best from Japanese culture and complementing it with Western heritage - and vice versa! For instance, my PhD compared the preservation efforts of endangered languages like the one of Ainu - still present in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido! - with that of West Frisian in the Netherlands.

What's the key to learning Japanese well?

You'd have to ask my students. I hope you would hear that my teaching is always personalised and positive. Regular and small tutorial groups allow for relaxed atmosphere of support but also deepen the inquiry into this wonderful language. Nothing will improve on a mode of consistent face-to-face learning, which exactly what JapcoEducation delivers.

What should you expect from my teaching?

I'm approachable, supportive and considerate of each student - I think this fosters the best learning environment, so I hope to meet you soon at one of the Welcome Tutorials!


  • Beginner Japanese
  • Advancing Beginner Japanese
  • Intermediate Japanese
  • Advanced Japanese
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  • PhD: Plymouth University - 2016
  • QTS: University of Gloucestershire - 2013
  • MA in Japanese Langauge: University of Warsaw - 1994

Teacher of Japanese

  • JapcoEducation: 2010 onwards
  • University of Durham, Japanese Classes - 2019/20
  • University of Manchester, External Examiner for Japanese - 2016 onwards
  • Tavistock College: 2010-2014
  • Tutor in Japanese: 2000 onwards

Sworn translator in Japanese

I've spent many years translating Japanese documents from car manuals through court documents to technical pharmaceutical procedures. This is undoubtedly what made me

Japanese corporate work

Before I've become a full time teacher of Japanese, I've spent many years working for Japanese companies like Honda, Toshiba or Mitsui as part of the teams tasked with setting up operations in Europe.


From time to time, I post some articles to help students acquaint themselves a bit more with JapcoEducation and all manner of things Japanese.

So if you have time, have a read - hope you'll find them useful!


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