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Japanese Greetings

Here's on some principles that govern the use of greeting expressions in Japan.


Japanese kanji: a brief history of the Japanese writing system

Here's a brief history of kanji and contemporary Japanese writing system to understand the complexity that comes with it.


Bowing in Japanese culture

A simple guide on when, why and how to bow in Japan


Memorising hiragana and katakana

We're no computers and our memory is different but frankly better for what we can do with it! However, it's a process to improve when it comes to memorising something relatively abstract for us like hiragana and katakana.

Learning Japanese

A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Japanese scripts: hiragana and katakana

Japanese scripts are not easy but when you start the right way, you will save yourself a world of bother.

Learning Japanese

Japanese is a gō!
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Textbooks, apps, MOOC platforms, YouTube videos, even those tapes you're supposed to absorb when you do your sleeping - none are remotely as effective for learning a complex language as working regularly with a qualified teacher.

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