Japco teaches via Online Platform

1. Every Tutorial and Practice Session is live in-person, scheduled and held via the platform: Zoom enabled

2. Your Gakusei-dō lives on the platform: community, recordings, Sensei questions, homework and other materials

3. Attendance and Cancellation Policy


Simple, effective and let's you focus on your Japanese.

Zoom in for your Tutorial

Zoom integration into the platform lets you keep on top of the class work and learn within the platform's environment.

A calendar function, which is linked to your course syllabus avoids any scheduling issues and let's you focus on engaging your Sensei and other gakusei in your Schola.

Same applies to your weekly Practice Session, where you have greater flexbility to book one of the available slots!


Course Outline and Growth

Every term, you will know upfront what will be covered each week in accordance with learning objectives.

Each tutorial has its own page to which you can refer later for uploaded and edited Tutorial recording, reference any discussions, and check the set homework.


The platform also works as a depository of exclusive materials prepared by your Sensei along the way expand the focus on Japanese language during the Tutorials and Practice Sessions towards knowing the practical context of Japanese culture.

Additionally, this is where you will be able to develop a good learning method so that you come to each Tutorial prepared to build on your knowledge of Japanese as opposed to recap last week's work!


Membership: 2h or 3h a week

Simple, effective, and flexible - let's you focus on your Japanese

Every week is

2h tutorial

1h practice session

<6 students/

+Online Platform

Tried & Tested

Equivalent £14/h

Japco Benefits

In-person Teaching: 
25 or 40 hours a term: £12/h
Study support: 
Graded assignments
Local online student community - Ask Your Sensei
Monthly Commitment - Flexible for You
2h - £190/month

3h -£230/month
register via mightynetwork


What is MightyNetworks?

It's a great way to create a custom learning platform that centres on interaction with your teacher. It's all-in-one, hence registration and membership process happens through this platform. It charges the membership for us in USD.

When do I start learning?

See the current start week as advertised. We will liase with all students in your Schola on the specifics of the Welcome Tutorial. All on the platform!

2h or 3h a week?

Up to you. 1h Practice Session serves to reinforce the week's material - you may find it helpful to keep on top of your progress.

What if I change my mind?

The point of JapcoEducation is to provide a solution for dedicated students, however we give you that flexibility of only monthly commitment.